By combining our 'hands-on' and International director management experience, we cover all the required human resources, technical, equipment, and maintenance areas for ultra-high end properties.

Our global, residential, property-portfolio management services to owners and private/family offices also include complex renovation and construction projects.

In maintaining what exists while constantly looking for ways to improve the team's efficiency and effectiveness; we support and assist the objective and goal supervision through, amongst others, work planning and checklist design.

Moreover by installing a rolling forward schedule of activities, supported by relevant project plans and guidance tools, including risk, security and compliance management, we closely monitor the operation.


Linking pin communication services between the client’s private/family office and the property-portfolio are setup to establish a clear template. In turn, being outcome focused, with the local property teams centered, we supply the necessary support processes and manage system implementations accordingly.

Through empowerment and monitoring, strengthened by a custom made service oriented framework; the teams will be able to provide an excellent level of service, ensuring a 'no-hassle' - problem free environment and top notch standards for principals and their guests across all properties.

By implementing monitoring & feedback systems, we consistently assess and audit budgets, cost, expenses and the overall status and progress on site. Moreover our property-portfolio management services free up our clients and their private/family offices time, increase value and productivity.


By bringing on our practical hospitality experience, we can support hand-on guidance to accelerate advanced development of the management on site.

Performance benchmarking system implementation and on the job development & training organization will consistently grow the teams output and service standards.

Our experience in human resource management and people skills development ensures human resource needs- and changes are flagged in advance and implemented effectively.

Additionally we manage all recruitment pre-screening and selection assistance, saving valuable time and 'frustration' in this vital process.

  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Private Family Office Services
  • Human Resources Training & Development
  • Technical Equipment & Maintenance Managemen
  • Property Team Development
  • Process & Budget Monitoring
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness Optimization
  • Feedback System Implementation
  • Value and Productivity Improvement