Frits Hannenberg

A Bachelor of Business Management, Frits pursued his international career in hospitality as private island, resort and property-portfolio manager. With close to 20 years operational and director experience in managing the world finest privately owned properties in exclusive locations. These included complex construction and renovation projects, multi property locations, private yachts and jet services.


 T          +31(0)6 50 80 29 50


  Jenny Hannenberg-Feig

This charming and competent hospitality specialist brings over 20 years of global management experience from ultra-high end privately owned islands and luxury properties in elite locations. Herein she led teams of property managers, introduced butler standards and provided management support to assist teams in their top notch service to owners and their guests.



 T          +31(0)6 54 27 41 54

  • Property Portfolio Management
  • Private Family Office Services
  • Human Resources Training & Development
  • Technical Equipment & Maintenance Managemen
  • Property Team Development
  • Process & Budget Monitoring
  • Efficiency & Effectiveness Optimization
  • Feedback System Implementation
  • Value and Productivity Improvement